All images are C-prints, edition of 8, sizes vary per image – 11×16″ to 40×60″

Many artists look to the world they know for inspiration whether it be their friends, family or a place. Over the past several years, my life on film sets has become my muse.  Yet, what speaks to me more than the obvious celebrity and spectacle, are the things I find when I turn my camera away from the action – off set.

Slipping behind the metaphoric curtain of center stage, I look back at the constructed reality being played out, and often wander into uninhabited areas. I am intrigued by where the artifice of movie making and the ‘real’ intermingle – the place where the seams may show, or where the trickery of illusion and performance is caught off guard. As I hunt for images that occupy this space, I become a flâneur of sorts; a solitary figure roaming the outskirts of the location, studying the spectacle before me, yet looking for things unnoticed by others. In this realm, I have the freedom to capture the unscripted: authentic moments found within the contrived environment of a stage set, images that feature traces of artifice being integrated in ‘real world’ scenarios, and quirky details normally hidden just out of frame. Re-contexualizing these images, often via sequencing and grouping, I create my own mysterious slivers of narrative, but the details are elusive, always suspended between the artificial and the authentic.